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Sat, 18-Jan-20 6:16 PM (15 minutes ago)
Always horny
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I wish you lived closer!
(13 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Jan-20 6:16 PM (15 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Jan-20 5:49 PM (41 minutes ago)
Anyone want a cocktribute?
(36 minutes ago)
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Sat, 18-Jan-20 5:34 PM (57 minutes ago)
I am going to eat a whole tub of salted caramel ice cream to myself
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Hi Huge Penis..Careful..Sebs could be after your....Ice Cream...eek
(24 minutes ago)
I was but he won't share
(22 minutes ago)
For you my little chocolate sprinkle I would
(10 minutes ago)
Mmm chocolate sprinkles
(5 minutes ago)
Hundred and farsands
(2 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Jan-20 5:30 PM (1 hour ago)
looking for a local fuck buddy to share the weekend fun with x
Once you get through that glass wall?
(44 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Jan-20 5:23 PM (1 hour ago)
Looking for fun
It's available everywhere
(0 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Jan-20 4:39 PM (1 hour ago)
Almost Saturday night, what are you nuders up to?
I'll be happy to provide a washcloth and a bottle of pure alcohol in case of knob cheese
(1 hour ago)
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Wir having Buskohl tonight. Authentic northern German recipe smile
(1 hour ago)
(1 hour ago)
Hey guys..happy weekend smile
(1 hour ago)
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Happy weekend SEB smile
(1 hour ago)
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Sat, 18-Jan-20 3:58 PM (2 hours ago)
I need some nice feet wrapped around my cock!
I'd go for some nice lips, myself.
(2 hours ago)
Sat, 18-Jan-20 3:49 PM (2 hours ago)
Would any horny NNers like to give me a tribute??
Sat, 18-Jan-20 3:35 PM (2 hours ago)
horny and waiting impatientlly for my cock
jaydeeezznutzz2 likes this
Wait.. you're waiting to grow a cock? eek
(1 hour ago)
cath68 likes this
ohmy can you chose where to grow it grin
(49 minutes ago)
Flower pot, some fertilizer , sunshine...result...
(45 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Jan-20 3:27 PM (3 hours ago)
I wanna eat some pussy from the back before I pound it
Sat, 18-Jan-20 3:11 PM (3 hours ago)
Still a Virgin,sad crying
Be proud, no rush thumbup
(3 hours ago)
When you meet someone in real life that finds you as attractive as you find them, and you both decide to move to that level.
(2 hours ago)
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Sat, 18-Jan-20 3:10 PM (3 hours ago)
When can I get my First Sex????
theres no ordering here, you gotta work for it, like everywhere else
(3 hours ago)
People are normally 'sexed' at birth, did they miss you out or did your parents not want to burden you with a gender?
(1 hour ago)
Artistic and TopCat57 like this
Charity Shop ?
(46 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Jan-20 2:57 PM (3 hours ago)
Ever wake up after a sexy night and feel just a little sore, but in a good way?
jaydeeezznutzz2 likes this
Yes, but in a good way. And I especially like to be the reason for the soreness in a partner . . . smile
(3 hours ago)
Sat, 18-Jan-20 2:57 PM (3 hours ago)
I’d really like to eat some pussy
Sat, 18-Jan-20 2:54 PM (3 hours ago)
Anyone in les arc 1800?? smile
Sat, 18-Jan-20 2:28 PM (4 hours ago)
ok im cutting my friends list dont be upset if your cut off, im just deleting people i never see. also i dont want any more friends ty xx
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Drive safe smile
(3 hours ago)
Ley-dd likes this
I’m nervous
(3 hours ago)
Ley-dd likes this
(3 hours ago)
Survived! grin
(3 hours ago)
snip snip ohmy
(3 hours ago)
Sat, 18-Jan-20 2:24 PM (4 hours ago)
What you think?
Sat, 18-Jan-20 2:17 PM (4 hours ago)
Did you see the size of those norks!!!!! bounce
When she jogged by, it looked like 2 raccoons wrestling in a gunny sack.....
(4 hours ago)
Pictures, my boy. Pictures! You know the internet rule "pics or it didn't happen" ... Now, go chase her down and photo the hell out of those norks!
(4 hours ago)
tugking70 likes this
norks wdf?
(2 hours ago)
Norks, slang term for boobies...... bounce
(1 hour ago)
i got that part,,, i still say wdf!
(51 minutes ago)
Sat, 18-Jan-20 2:10 PM (4 hours ago)
I'm looking for a woman that wants to fuck now
lol, so desperate for a fuck you didn't have time to fill out your profile or post any pics? I imagine the queue is now endless....
(1 hour ago)
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Sat, 18-Jan-20 2:09 PM (4 hours ago)
Sat, 18-Jan-20 2:04 PM (4 hours ago)
Morning wood
Sat, 18-Jan-20 1:53 PM (4 hours ago)
crisp sarnie time
HughPenis and SexyEnglishBabe like this
(4 hours ago)
Mrs RC says you are all super cool because she likes crisps with anything sarni's. Even cheese n onion and mars bars on wholemeal bread. Go figure.
(4 hours ago)
ive never tried mars bar sarnies, but a friend used to eat apple n chocolate ones
(4 hours ago)
HughPenis and theroyalcouple like this
less additives and e numbers Ley
(4 hours ago)
Ley-dd likes this
well hugh im off for a crisp sarnie later xxxxx
(3 hours ago)
Sat, 18-Jan-20 12:25 PM (6 hours ago)
Well, I asked admin and got no response, so I'll try here. I have been a member for 10 years now, when do I get my 10 year badge?
Just had a look and it looks like you're 4 days short of exactly 10 years. So check again on Wednesday, I'd say! smile
(6 hours ago)
clittylicker likes this
Mine arrived 10 years to the day after I first registered with this name
(5 hours ago)
paramour likes this
I'm sure it will appear, give it time !
(4 hours ago)
Your Profile states the 22nd of January 2010 !
(4 hours ago)
thats just what iwas going to say alley52 it will come on the 22 or just after smile
(4 hours ago)
Sat, 18-Jan-20 12:16 PM (6 hours ago)
I checked into the hokey pokey clinic & I turned myself around
SexyEnglishBabe likes this
this must be code
(3 hours ago)
Ley-dd likes this
love a bit of code hugh
(3 hours ago)
we dont say hokey pokey in the uk
(3 hours ago)
we arent rude like us we say hokey kokey
(3 hours ago)
wonders if a giglio from Oklahoma is an Okie Pokie...
(0 minutes ago)
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