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Fri, 3-Jul-20 2:03 PM (0 minutes ago)
if my paycheque was as biig as my boobs I would be able to take a few days off....but nooooooooo, workin for the weekend
Fri, 3-Jul-20 2:01 PM (3 minutes ago)
Many on the TV/TG/CD NN site same name
Fri, 3-Jul-20 1:52 PM (11 minutes ago)
All my pics were deleted so I will need to repost
Fri, 3-Jul-20 1:50 PM (14 minutes ago)
Horny and looking for your sexy wife to make me cum
She said she has a headache and you can just take care of yourself
(12 minutes ago)
Fri, 3-Jul-20 1:46 PM (17 minutes ago)
What’s with mobile nn? Fix it
Yes ma'm, straight away ma'm. *doffs cap, averts eyes and rushes off to fix the aforementioned nn mobile immediately,if not sooner* We're not worthy......
(8 minutes ago)
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Fri, 3-Jul-20 1:28 PM (35 minutes ago)
Bored, hornet, and fairly new to this site help me out with a good time ladies
a) Horney b) Whore knee c) Hornet d) Wasp e) None of the above.
(29 minutes ago)
Fri, 3-Jul-20 1:10 PM (53 minutes ago)
Sooooo what if I decided to move to a island.... like serious,
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yis, no ning nongs crappin on bout gay pingwins eaver
(25 minutes ago)
Furry muff, can we go all in clue sieve?
(23 minutes ago)
hell yis ya can evin buy a cull de sack iffin ya wont
(10 minutes ago)
As long as it ain't a dead end job selling thoseses.
(5 minutes ago)
I live on an island, not tropical but hey, its an island
(4 minutes ago)
Fri, 3-Jul-20 12:45 PM (1 hour ago)
Thank you to Arty for the profile pic xxx
Fri, 3-Jul-20 12:11 PM (1 hour ago)
In hell I’ll be in good company
Oaks no cocks yes
(1 hour ago)
At least it’ll be warm
(1 hour ago)
I'm partial to mussels and cockles myself. smile
(1 hour ago)
I see my red head, messed bed, tear shed, queen bee, my squeeze.
(1 hour ago)
I’d say to keep my seat warm but it’s Hell, ALL the seats are warm!
(39 minutes ago)
Fri, 3-Jul-20 11:47 AM (2 hours ago)
Beard, no beard, or stubble?
Had a beard for years, now I have to shave for work. There’s the half-ass work shave, and the smooth as a baby’s bottom shave. My wife despises stubble!
(2 hours ago)
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Fri, 3-Jul-20 11:37 AM (2 hours ago)
Feeling horny as hell xx
Fri, 3-Jul-20 10:53 AM (3 hours ago)
RAWR indeed. Missed you, miss. heart
(2 hours ago)
Easy there, tiger wink
(2 hours ago)
(2 hours ago)
rawr ! ! !...Were have you been ? ? ?
(1 hour ago)
(45 minutes ago)
Fri, 3-Jul-20 10:40 AM (3 hours ago)
TOF, show them if you got them "wink
Lol raff it's a bourbon mate Molly got a can between the twins in her photos silly
(2 hours ago)
I'm glad you asked, as I was clueless too.
(2 hours ago)
Bourbon comes in cans? Sacrilege!
(2 hours ago)
Stand corrected it's a rum and no apologies for my wierd houmour lol smile
(2 hours ago)
if I show them, they will cum? wink
(3 minutes ago)
Fri, 3-Jul-20 10:33 AM (3 hours ago)
Planning a cheerleader photo shoot with a couple of twists. Can't wait to share!
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Waiting for the pics
(3 hours ago)
Fri, 3-Jul-20 10:06 AM (3 hours ago)
Verified! YEAH!! Also nearly been here 5 years now! Time flies...
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Biggest congratulations. You are a champion.
(2 hours ago)
definitely my here, oh.
(2 hours ago)
Fri, 3-Jul-20 10:00 AM (4 hours ago)
fek orf grin
(4 hours ago)
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That time the fullbacks hair is so bad I might have to go for the other team
(4 hours ago)
go essindin w00t
(3 hours ago)
up inside yer?
(2 hours ago)
(2 hours ago)
Fri, 3-Jul-20 9:09 AM (4 hours ago)
Happy Friday cats and kittens. It might be a photo Friday, as my cock just won't go down this morning. smile
(4 hours ago)
(4 hours ago)
bit annoying
(4 hours ago)
Even werserer when you're in the office,lol
(4 hours ago)
bash it whit meat mallit w00t
(4 hours ago)
Fri, 3-Jul-20 8:53 AM (5 hours ago)
Wtf haven’t been allowed to see pics in days
why ?
(5 hours ago)
Only a matter of thyme till you went blind,wannit?
(5 hours ago)
Having same problem, pics not coming up when on phone.
(3 hours ago)
Fri, 3-Jul-20 8:49 AM (5 hours ago)
Happy weekend
Fri, 3-Jul-20 8:37 AM (5 hours ago)
Time for a few more drinks....cheers
beer Have a good weekend
(5 hours ago)
thats a rude pic tongue
(5 hours ago)
Fri, 3-Jul-20 8:24 AM (5 hours ago)
Another Friday comes and goes hope everyone has a sexy weekend
Fri, 3-Jul-20 8:02 AM (6 hours ago)
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Go Tigers!!!!! Raiders are good toosmile Great Pics btw
(5 hours ago)
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How da Ravens ?
(5 hours ago)
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(5 hours ago)
Fri, 3-Jul-20 7:02 AM (7 hours ago)
Happy Friday people!
Good morning sir.
(7 hours ago)
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Fri, 3-Jul-20 6:44 AM (7 hours ago)
i watched the Assassination nation, just that mob mentality you get some places these days, ffn scary
KiwiPic and T-HB like this
yup :/
(7 hours ago)
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Why watch a movie when scary places like Seattle are happening in real life?
(7 hours ago)
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i'm not there, i didn't know what the movie was about either
(6 hours ago)
Fri, 3-Jul-20 6:44 AM (7 hours ago)
T.O.F...Well I'm
straws? i juss cheked da legislation, a medical condition or diserbility i can git a straw, or if i ASK for one in a pub club or resteront .... tell me porkies agin
(3 hours ago)
ewe clutchin' at 'em
(3 hours ago)
wheel wiv that there parking suns ya knead a straw ta drinks ya beers like
(3 hours ago)
Bloody clever that unless youz 'ave one of them there inter venus drips wot goes strait into your vains but not the very close vanes in yer legs,oh no, the wans in yer rists. *nods*.
(3 hours ago)
^ ^ ^..Whatats going on in 'err...confused...blink
(7 minutes ago)
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