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I am: Female Age: 48
Seeking: A straight guy Preference: Guys
Children: Independent Member Since: 1-Apr-24
Location: United States Last logged In: 11-Jun-24
Relationship Status: Married
About Me: I am still wanting to meet someone local or close by. I am wanting to play. There has to be attraction both ways. My hubby will let me play alone if we trust the guy and video. I am 48 years old. I have been married for 28 years.. Hubby likes to share. Looking for long term benefits. He likes to watch sometimes. He will let me play alone if we trust the guy. So, I have learned a lot in respect to real people. I do understand that this is nerve racking and can be scarry at times. Especially first meet and greets. What I want to do going forward. If I am interested in you when you message me I always like to know what you look like. Of course there has to be attraction and connection. If that happens and I want to pursue I will have some sort of video chat. I am not going to invest my time into someone that is not real. It ruins it for everyone. Hopefully you can respect my decision. Fake people make it unfair to others that are true to the lifestyle Love to meet and greet. Hubby and I would like to meet for lunch or dinner. Maybe just drinks. I can meet sometimes for lunch if he can't. I will not play on the first meet. The second meet will be the playtime of decided based on the first meeting. If works out we usually host. Its all about making friends and having some long term benefits. Its not about numbers for me. Its about finding someone that I can connect to and have fun with Hubby and I have been with couples too. All about friendship inside and outside of the bedroom

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I am: Couple Age: 39
Seeking: No one at the moment Preference: Girls & Guys
Children: Member Since: 27-Nov-22
Location: Canada Last logged In: 21-Jun-24
Relationship Status: Married (but up for it anyway)
About Me: We're a couple that LOVES your comments. 100% straight male half does most of the online correspondence. Female half is bi. Please assume you’re communicating with her male half, unless she’s live on webcam in NN video chat room, or responding to comments on her photos/videos. She does amateur-style webcam video chat shows on NN occasionally, poses for pictures both solo & with her male/female sexy play friends, etcetera. She LOVES reading & responding your comments on her photos/videos, please keep them cumming ;) She’s a horny European (🇪🇺 🇨🇿) girl in North America (🇨🇦) at this particular moment, on this site for some fun. She’s fucked many guys and gals, as you can see for yourself. She is excited for some sexy people to connect with here on the website. Significant other has full purview over the profile, and is equally excited to read all messages. We have a Stag and Vixen dynamic, entirely straight male half is not a cuck, enjoys being a voyeur & photographer during her adventures with women and other men (he doesn't appear in the online pics/vids). Please note, we are not looking for ANY in-person encounters at this particular moment ;) even if you’re local to our 🇨🇦 territory/province/city. Thank you kindly for your interest! She’ll reply to everyone within a few days of reading. Bring on the sexy comments & tributes, please…! ;)

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I am: Female Age: 44
Seeking: No one at the moment Preference: Girls & Guys
Children: None Member Since: 3-Jun-20
Location: United States Last logged In: 21-Jun-24
Relationship Status:
About Me: So about me.... I'm a Sapiosexual. Demisexual. Sensualist. Erotic writer. Switch. Sweet with a pinch of slutty. I'm a Doll bc I like to be played with, kissed, talked to sweetly, dressed up, spoiled and cuddled ;) You can add me so I can get to know you better 😊 I only ask for two things: (1) have a bio and some pics (2) don't send me nudes without permission, I'm a lady. Use your manners!!! I like the building of tension. Ask nicely and I MAY let you show me your hard dick and tribute me. I truly care about men and their emotions. I love to give sensual and nurturing affection. I love knowing I can turn you on just by being naked online. 😇 I'm reserved but very passionate when I feel a connection. I like a man that's kind, but I also like knowing in detail the dirty things he'll do to me. I'm definitely Trophy Wife Material and deserve to be spoiled. I'm sweet and have full lips. I'm a good cook, smart, randomly funny, sarcastic, have a nice smile, soft ass with pretty feet and nails. If I get married I want to be fucked in my ass every day 🙊 ❤️💋❤️Likes: Kissing. Having my nipples sucked (and I can orgasm from both). Giving hand jobs while observing how your body reacts and me talking sweetly to you. I'm genuinely impressed by a lot of cum. I do swallow but only after being treated like the princess I am. Me chatting, swallowing, deep throating, and anal are PRIVILEGES for those in my good graces, not to every man. If you make me feel comfortable and special, I'll gladly return the favor and more :) Being praised makes me wet!! I love being a Good Girl. I like an expressive and affectionate man. 🤔Curious about: Making love to older men 60 years+ (they seem so gentle, sensual, and they deserve affection too). Shibari. Pregnant women (milky boobs look so beautiful). Free Use (Gentle Doms should get pussy whenever they need it😻). Femdom. Voyeurism 🙌🏾I love getting your feedback on my pictures. Tell me how my body looks. Words turn me on so much, if you're kind, a gentleman/woman PM me. (I really like that you actually read my bio and paid attention to what I was saying. I just had to show my tits first LMAOO. Seems fair enough though🤣)

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