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Friday, March 29, 2024, 8:16:21 PM- She's a knockout, literally:)

I've been thinking about Nicole and have a quick funny/sexy story to share. Nicole and I met in college. see links below if you can't get enough of Nicole, like mesmile

Nicole was fit and sleek. her strong legs and body, along with her glistening blue eyes and unstoppable beauty drew me in from the first moment I saw her. Back when we first met being with Nicole was like trying to ride a lioness. I was going to say tame, but the wild ride was a huge part of the fun.

There was and is nothing like Nicole when it came to pure animalistic carnal pleasure. she needed to work hard for her orgasms and I was happy to help.

Nicole had a formula for reaching bliss which required being on our sides, me behind her, my hands roaming her taut body from pleasure points to g spots as I throbbed deep in her.
That said, she loved any sex that involved be behind her. Again, I didn't mind at allsmile
One night we were at it doggiestyle. her sleek body rolled in pleasure in front of me. Nicole was always thrusting and rolling, working my cock around inside her, with a frenetic desperation for release. It drove me nuts. It was like being with someone who was edging an orgasm all night, but needed strong, thumping hard sex the whole time. It was so fucking sexy. I can still see her tight little ass as it pumped on my throbbing shaft.

I was leaned back a little as Nicole worked herself on my cock. Nicole was sweating, her back reeling with pleasure. I watched her vulva roll up and down my shaft as I swelled with excitement.
I needed to feel her skin on mine. I wanted to feel her wet back pressed into me. I wanted her prone on the bed, her tiny ass up in the air and her grunts of lust with each thrust deep in her. "Geh! Huh! Uuh! Uuh!"

I needed to feel her, so I leaned forward quickly just as Nicole whipped her head back.
Before I knew it I was on the ground and Nicole was looking at me shocked. She knocked me right on my ass! with her head! LOL!
we were both totally fine, but I was a bit dazed. Nicole felt so bad, for no reason, it was an accident. We laughed about it and snuggled, which turned into an apology blowjob, and On her hands and knees she sucked me with a wild abandon that made me throb. I thought, she could knock me out anytime if she sucks me like thatsmile
She would literally suck. I gain she didn't need to apologize, but I was happy for how she wanted to express it.
Nicolle would literally suck my cock. Her mouth felt as tight as her fingers around my base. Her ass wiggled with desire, her ruby red lips rolled on my throbbing cock as she bobbed up and down.
I groaned wildly. Nicole stopped moving her head as I bucked. My cock siding between her lips, her her crystal blue eyes locked with mine and I swelled beyond the point of no return.
"Geeehaaahh!!!" cum filled her mouth as her sticky lips rolled along my shaft, eventually cum dripped from her chin as she took me out of her mouth. We slept for a bit before we started again.

I hope you liked this one! Comments and PMMs are welcome.
Here's the other Nicole stories.

Fit and beautiful college GF lust

College GF now a MILF

MILF gives me "Fuck therapy" after a bad breakup

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024, 6:36:50 PM- Hot flirting with an ex while her fiancée watches Football

At a super bowl party just a couple weekends ago I saw Silvia. If you haven't read my posts about her... Please do! She is so kinky/hot! Links below.

Years ago Silvia was dating my friend and when they broke up Silva and I fooled around. He has no idea and we intend to keep it that way. Silvia was so fun and kinky that I've thought about being with her a lot.

Neither of us are football fans, so while everyone was watching, we talked, It was the usual until I mentioned I thought her fiancé seemed nice. "He broke the seal." she said with a naughty grin.

When Silvia and I were together, she had one rule; " You break it, you buy it". Meaning if I went inside her, we were in a serious relationship. Neither of us wanted that, but we both wanted to fuck each other silly. It made for insanely hot tension.

Silvia has "the smoothest pussy in New York" as she likes to say. She assured me she was still as hairless as possible from panty tan-line down. I remembered the peach fuzz down her belly, and how it faded away as I sank lower between her legs. Silvia saw my look and giggled. "It's worth the effort." she said slyly.

It was.

I spent so much time licking her beautiful smooth vulva and all it offers that I sometimes woke up dreaming about it. I'd be between her legs looking up her flat milky stomach to her perky upright nipples. So smooth, it was like licking her tiny breasts, or her thighs, or that spot just at the base of her back... you get the idea. Every night started with me pleasuring her until she came.

I also spent a lot of time rubbing my cock along her smooth lips.

At the party it was sexy as fuck to sit in a room full of distracted friends, her fiancé and my partner, look into her crystal blue eyes, and quietly say "I loved cumming on your stomach".
She mentioned off handily "Oh, I thought you liked my mouth more."

I thank god everyday I love kinky women. It was like secretly fucking while everyone was in the room.

Silvia could suck dick like I've never had. I say "suck dick" because she would say it like that.

Stroking me in a cab she'd nibble on my ear and say "Want me to suck your dick?"

I'd look down as my glistening shaft slide between her lips. She'd pull me from her mouth and say "You like watching me suck your dick?"

Her sleek sweaty body pressed on mine she'd kiss me with my cum on her lips and say "I love sucking your dick."

She was maybe not the best, but she loved to make it fun.
She told me the more it felt like it was porn, the more she liked it.
She loved when I told her to suck me.
And as I swelled and groaned "I'm-ghonna-cum...." She'd look at me as cum filled her mouth. Fuck she was amazing.

"You might want to not look at my lips that much." she said. it was obvious I was turned on. "Or my itsy-bitsies. " as she nicknamed her insanely perky breasts. She rubbed her legs together like she would when she wanted to tease herself.
"That's not helping." I said.
"Well, maybe not you, but I'm having fun." She giggled.
I laughed, "so am I."
"Good." Her legs squeezed tightly together, rocking slightly. "Michael's not gonna know what hit him tonight."
"In the car home?"
"Mmm, not a bad idea, but I'm gonna need some d. I think it's a mirror night"
"I loved the mirror."

On her elbows and knees, Silvia would watch me in a mirror as I glided my cock along her crack. She loved feeling my girth rub on her. She would tease me by saying, "You wanna fuck me don't you?" her wide hips in my hands, her vulva hugging my shaft. My finger in her ass.
"I wanna fuck you like an animal." She loves NIN. She'd round her hips in circles. Her fingers playing with her clit.

Silvia swung her leg on the couch." Remember when you slipped in." Oh god I remember.

There were always slips, but one night, Silvia's wide hips were pulsing, my cock slid along her. Her eyes were on my face. Then I dug a little deep and she arched her back a little more and my cock pushed her turgid vulva aside and my head was in her.

"Huh!" Her eyes widened. I basked in the warm grip. I swelled my head and she - "Hu-ghad..." She looked at me in the mirror like "well, you gonna fuck me?"
My whole head was in her. Her hips moved, her lips massaged my crown, nestled just between them. She was so wet I could have easily slip deep into her. Her sweaty back undulated as if begging to feel me slip deeper. I could feel her fingers fluttering on her clit.

"I wanted you to fuck me. Hard."
"I wanted to fuck you as hard as I wanna fuck you now. "
She kicked her leg, wiggled her hips and looked at me with fuck me eyes.

With my throbbing head in her I wanted to fuck her so badly, but also loved my freedom. I pulled out rubbed along her beautiful ass desperate to fuck her grabbed her.
She stared at me in her mirror. "I bet you would fuck me so hard." I pulled her up in front of me, so we were both on our knees in front of the mirror. I and ran my hand below hers on her pussy. I kissed her neck wildly as I ran my arm up her body, to her face then back to rest my fingers around her neck.

"Ah ghad" she said as my hands squeezed her closer to me. Her hips went wild on my finger. My raging cock slipped between her beautiful ass cheeks.

She panted wildly
"You wanna fuck me?"
"Uh huh"
Silvia and I writhed. I couldn't get enough of watching her slim, smooth body writhe with pleasure.
I looked down to see my throbbing cock hugged by her ass. I pumped wildly. "Huh fuck you're so fucking hot!"
breathless she whispered "huh huh huh cum on my ass. mmhuh- I want your cum on my ass"
That was it. I humped wildly as I watched her in the mirror. She knew I was getting close and swirled her hips.
"cum on my ass."
I swelled, squeezed her tightly and came so fucking hard.
"MMMmhh I wanna fuck you. I want to fuck you." she said.
"Ah fuck!"
Cum went up her back down between us and felt so good as I stroked out the last of it in the crack of her beautiful ass.

"Michael doesn't like putting his hand on my neck, but his dick...." She shifted her weight again. "He's gonna fuck me hard tonight , he just doesn't know it yet."
I'm jealous."
"You should be."
We laughed.
"You want a drink? You may not want to stand up just yet."
She put her hand on my thigh, squeezed and got up slowly, her face inches from mine.
"Now don't look at my ass while I walk away."

I looked. It was as sexy as ever.

If you like please reach out or comment. or both!

And seriously I'd suggest reading these if you like wild women.

"Who's Master?" on our last night together we did break Silvia's seal, but in a special way.

"Silva - When sex is not an option" Silvia loves cos play. here's one of those nights.

Please comment on the forum as well. Comments get others to see it, and the conversation get more fun! PM's always welcum too!
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Monday, February 19, 2024, 5:21:29 PM- So tight...
Becky, one of my early college girlfriends, was a type A. She was going to an amazing law school, she loved working out and being social.

Becky wasn't overtly sexual, but she loved sex. She was tiny, maybe 5'4", with beautiful big breasts and dark olive skin and deep brown eyes. Her hair was short and dark and I loved her beautiful playful ways.

At one point she realized there were exercises to strengthen your vagina. She told me she started doing the exercises.

I didn't think much of it until a few weeks later.

I could still taste her pussy as I put my head against her vulva, Becky was flush and sweaty. Her orgasm was so fucking hot. I worked her vulva wide with my throbbing head. I got over her.
I kissed Becky, panting, squirming, her beautiful breasts moving.
and I pushed, sinking into her.
I immediately thought - Wow, she is tight. "Huh fuck..."

Becky was small. If I lifted her legs I could get as deep as any cock could. She loved feeling me deep. I loved watching the ecstasy cross her face when she felt me reach her limit.

Point is, Becky was tight to begin with and it felt like over night her grip became really tight.

"Can you feel that?". Her smile said she was asking because she wanted to hear it from me.
"You are so fucking tight."
She was as pleased with herself as if she told a really good joke.
"I've been really working at it. Can you feel this?"
She squeezed and I could feel her walls press, squeeze against my holding my very hard cock, as it throbbed against her soft, wet pressure.
"Huuhholy fuck! holy're so tight!"
My only consolation was that Becky seemed to be loving the tightness as much as me. She was vibrant and looked like she wanted to cum again. She was looking at my cock in her and then up to me with those deep brown eyes. I love that "You're fucking me" look.

"It feels really good. I can feel yo-aaah huhhh! MMmmhhhuuh!" Her eyes widened as I sank deep. She squeezed my cock. I kissed her wildly. We basked in the "I'm gonna cum soon" glow. My balls deep, Me head pulsing against her limit. Becky squeezing my cock with her new super power.

I hadn't been with a ton of people by that time, but she felt tighter than I ever felt. Her pleading eyes were making me wild. Becky wasn't too crazy so when she said "fuck me." I knew she meant business.
I swirled my hips as I moaned loudly. I wanted the whole building to know Becky's pussy felt THAT good!

I thrusted into her. Her body undulated with each thrust. Her fantastic breasts jiggled. What a fucking sight. We both lost our words. She was looking at me with those "fuck my pussy" eyes.
She couldn't hold her grip, thank god or I would have not lasted 4 strokes. I fell out at one point and getting back in was like...
If you're a guy... imagine a tight first that you are trying to get your cock into. She genuinely enjoyed my struggle to get in her.
When I got back in "Huhhh!"
"Hufhuk hufuhk fhk fuk-" she was at a new edge, about to cum harder than I'd ever seen with her.

I lost it. "I'm ghona chum..."
She squeezed tightly, Holy fuck. I thrusted. She writhed "AAHH! Huuhhhh!"
I thrusted really hard a couple times, sank my cock as deep as I could get and -
I came so hard, deep in her. I got over her and sank so deep "HuuuH!!" We wiggled, her pussy warm and slick with my cum.
"Hu-hu-hu-hu-hu......" Every muscle in her body tighten-

A brief silence....

With a beautiful release, everything loosened and she burst out "Huuuhhhhhh!" Like she was letting the building know, that's right my vagina IS that good!"

I stroked in her soft lips a little longer, but she couldn't... She put her hands on my chest and just panted "whai whai... Huh huhu ghad..."

Looking back, I think she was probably close to getting herself to squirt, but neither of us knew that was a thing.

This is probably my only story about Becky, because we weren't really that crazy, unless of course you want another story about tight women, LOL.

Please comment if you liked and feel free to PM if you want to. TY for reading.
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Monday, February 12, 2024, 3:10:07 PM- Eating boss lady pussy

I had a fling with my boss. We flirted for years and while on a work trip out of town we broke the seal. Unfortunately It got too risky so we called it off.

Seeing Rachel at the office has been soooo tough! She never wears anything too revealing or sexy, (Thank God!!) but now that I know voluptuous horny curves are under her clothes, when we are at a meeting or she walks by, I find myself drifting to -

Rachel and I were in a hotel, licking and sucking each other. Rachel on top, her thighs around my head, I lapped at her vulva, my tongue reaching inside her.

Rachel licked down the length of my cock. Her tongue played with my crown, then I felt her lips wrap around me. I gripped her ample hips
"Mmmmhhff huh fuck you're so good!"
Through her breasts I watched her lips ride up and down my shaft. I grabbed her beautiful heavy breasts. My god. I pumped my hips and watched her lips around my swollen cock.

"huh god, you're so fucking hot. " I caressed her thick ass. I flared as I watched her take me in her mouth.

Her lips rolled to my head. Her tongue around my crown, then I plopped out of her mouth, stiff. pulsing aching.

She looked back at me and without a word she lowered herself. She gave me a devilish smile as her body pressed against me. Her vulva on my face. I got the hint and pushed my tongue deep into her as she rolled her hips, grinding her pussy into my face.

She humped my face, running her lips along my mouth. She was teasing me viciously. She gently touched my crown with her fingers. She ran her nails down my shaft. I could feel her breath on my cock, as is she was saying, my lips are right here. My god I wanted in her mouth. My one finger found her clitoris , the other her anus and she let out a "Huuholy fuck...." her hands on my thighs, Rachel lifted herself and ground her wet pussy on my face. My tongue deep in her, tangy and slick. "Huh-huh-huh" her pants and hips rolled.

I put a hand on her breasts and she immediately moved it back to her clitoris "don stop, don fucking stop- hu-hu-hu-hu-" Her hips thrust on my face like a fuck toy.

Her whole body raised as her pants turned into a quiet plea for release. My finger pushed against her tight anus and her whole body quivered as she raised higher. I craned my head to keep licking.
With a quivering gasp for breath Rachel let go and fell onto of me. I teased her mercilessly, licking her quivering thighs, and deep red vulva.She moaned quietly, like her husband was in the next room.
She was still flush with pleasure when I felt her tongue on my shaft, her hot breath on my body.
Her lips wrapped around me and I moaned deeply into her vulva.

There are times when you know you are being teased, there are times when you're being worked for a marathon.

Rachel, still in orgasm aftershocks was sucking me like she wanted my load that second. I hummed into her vulva as she took deep rolling dives
up and down
in and out
My cock rolling in and out of her mouth.
My bosses mouth.

I didn't want to cum just yet. I wanted to enjoy her plush body while she sucked my swollen cock.
I slapped her thick ass, my fingers found her crack and rolled along her pulsing anus. I buried my face deep in her. My finger on her clitoris rolled between her lips and sank into her warm grip. She pressed against the palm of my hand as I vibrated my fingers in her.

I love the sound of Rachel moaning with my cock in her mouth. She was quivering and I suddenly realized she was going for number two. I instinctively engorged and she moaned approval. Her hands still on my thighs only her lips rolled up and down my thick cock. I could feel her hair brush me and her huge breasts pressed into me as her mouth road my shaft.

She held her head still, my swollen shaft in her mouth. I squirmed wanting to thrust into her, but her arms held me in spot and for all my raging, I could just feel the warm caress of her lips slightly moving up and down my pulsing shaft. She loved it. She moaned loudly. I fucking desired her desperately. What a masterful tease!

Her hips thrusted
Her lips slid up my cock.
My tongue lapped her
Her tongue played with my head.
Rachel found a frantic rhythm. Her passion drove me to the edge.

She began to shake as she seesawed on my face and throbbing cock. I swelled and moaned into her muff. I could feel the rush of cum and I swelled in her mouth. She frantically sucked and thrusted my body on me. I felt her tongue roll down the underside of my shaft and I lost it. I gripped her beautiful hips and thrusted hard. Her shaking legs, her mouth
I filled her mouth with cum as her vulva muffled my groans of passion.

Cum rolled out of her mouth and down my shaft as she bucked back and forth. She sat up hands on my chest and swirled her hips.
She dug her nails in
her thighs clinched
She shook
She gasped breathlessly and fell on top of me.

Please comment if you like.

If you want more about Rachel I wrote about it while we were fucking.

Here's Work Just Got Hotter, the first night we got together.

Here's Boss Lady Pleasure. It's us fucking our way down our bucket list.

"My Boss' DP Fantasy." Our first anal sex ever.

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- Bucky66

Thursday, January 25, 2024, 8:02:07 PM- Porn & Pantyhose

I remember the first time I saw porn, I mean real porn, and not trying to get The Playboy Channel by tricking the cable box. smile
I was babysitting, yes babysitting after school. I was a late bloomer, new to town and my only friend talked me into it.
It was an easy gig, watching a kid until his mom, Gina, came home and every now and then she would hire one of us to work at night.

Gina was a dental nurse. At first I didn't think much of it, but then I started to notice her uniform was a huge turn on. Her top would always be a little open. Sometimes she would wear those insanely tight poly pants, or a mid-length dress with white nylons. All skin tight, or at least they were in my teen mind.
You need to remember, I was a teen boy, She could have worn a plastic leaf bag and I would have gotten excited.
But her petite body, wrapped tightly in her uniform... I'd always get hard watching her as she started dinner.

One Friday Gina hired me for both day and night. When she came home that afternoon she was wearing a skirt. She told me what I needed to know for that evening, but honestly - the soft 'vrrrr vrrrrr" of her nylons rubbing together, the way her dress accented the arch of her back... I was distracted smile

That night after I put their kid to bed. I went right to the den where Gina's husband had some Playboy magazines. I was flipping through one when I thought - Hell, if he has playboy, there's got to be more! So I snooped aroundsmile

Under the TV behind a row of VHS tapes I found tapes with the words "Swedish Erotica" along the top. I felt my body surge with excitement. I took them out. I pushed my hand against my stiff shaft. I remember I literally took a breath.

In the 1980's porn wasn't everywhere. I once found my uncle porn stash and my friends and I wanted to see Caddy Shack because we heard there were boobs in it.
Holding porn VHS tapes was like finding the lost ark as far as I was concerned.
I did the math and I had a few hours. Gina said it was going to be after midnight.

I turned the volume down on the TV, put a tape in, pressed play and suddenly I saw a couple fucking doggy-style. It looked fake until there was a shot from the side and his dick clearly sliding in and out of her.
I felt a rush of lust and felt my cock engorge at the sight of her muff around his cock. I pressed my cock with my hand.
In my dreams I was going to watch as much of the tapes before I came. In reality I already felt my orgasm building.
I turned up the volume a tiny bit. The woman's high pitched gasps as she took him in and out were too much. I undid my pants and pulled my cock out. Inches from the TV I tightly stroked my cock as a load burst out.
I lasted all of like 3 minutes , LOL!

I grabbed a towel from the hamper and cleaned up quietly.

While sitting in the kitchen with a coke and chips, I could not stop thinking about those videos.

My heart raced as I walked to the den and put in a tape. This one started in the middle of a scene as well. A guy and a curvy woman were moving into missionary position. She moaned deeply as he mounted her, pushed her lips open with his head and sank deep. Her legs went up his chest, her feet above his head and her ass in the air as he sank in her. I was instantly hard! Her throbbing moans made me hot as fuck!
My dick was pushing against my jeans. I needed to feel skin on my cock. I undid my pants, licked my hand and enjoyed myself throughly! I went from scene to scene, getting more excited.

Then a scene came where a woman stripped slowly for a guy, and I was entranced. Her tiny skirt came off to reveal a garter belt. She wiggled out of her cotton panties and I squirmed as I took in her beauty. Moments later the guy said "come over here and suck it". She got on her knees and sucked him.

I honestly didn't give a shit I was jerking off in someone else's house. I sat in hubby's chair my cock out, throbbing in my hand. By that time I had jerked off to Gina so many times I almost wanted to be caught, LOL! What did they expect from a teen boy and a porn stash?!?!

It wasn't just the action that had me, her stockings were thrilling! She moved her hips to accentuate her curves. And a thought struck me so strong I took a breath.

I went to the hamper and dug. I found Gina's panties and her pantyhose. And now that I'm writing this, I realize it was the start of many things for me.

Back in the den I had porn, some stockings and no plan. My cock leapt from my jeans and I gleefully stroked as two people fucked on the TV.

I smelled Gina's pantyhose. They could have smelled like fabric softener and I would have bucked with pleasure. It was knowing my nose was where her pussy was just hours before. I pulse my cock, as it hovered above my stomach, aching to release.
I ran the stockings along my shaft. "Huhhhhh" I moaned with pleasure. the nylon felt good, but my god I wished her legs were in them.

I don't know what possessed me, but soon I was naked and I was rolling Gina's stockings over my legs. I slipped them over my calves easily. I stood and pulled, and wiggled over my knees, up my thighs.

There was something stunningly hot going on. I don't remember everything, but I remember how sexy the tight fit felt, it's a reason I love wearing tight pants to this day, But with those thin nylons, you could feel a breath through them, but the heat of even my own hands felt amped up. I could see how a woman would feel sexy just wearing them.

I pulled them over my ass and my cock, stiff and eager. Holy fuck.... The tight feel. the cool pressure against my cock. I sat back in the recliner and rubbed myself along my thighs, my ass. I gently rubbed my cock through the panty top.
I was obviously a little too tall for them because it was a struggle getting them over my cock and my swollen head would pop out from under the nylons when I engorged and rubbed to feel the soft pressure holding me. I'd pull the nylon back over my cock and then start all over again.

I searched the video for women in stockings as I thrusted my hips to feel my cock slide along the smooth inside of the hose.

I stopped the tape and wow! A MFM scene, the first I ever saw. She had one man in her mouth, the other was behind her, holding her garter.... as he pumped wildly.

I wriggled because it felt so good having that tight "skin" hold me. My cock grew. I thrusted harder as I throbbed. My head worked out from the top again, the waist band squeezed tightly just under my crown. "Huuuhhh!" I wrapped my fingers tight around my shaft and stroked, my head gliding along the soft nylon.

I know I was moaning and I didn't give a fuck. I felt the point of no return. I pulled the panties over my head and pushed my palm hard against my hard rod. I swelled with ecstasy, throbbing, pulsing-

Cum pooled on the outside of the nylon. I could feel its warmth on my stomach. as I rocked my hips, rubbing as much cum from my cock as possible.

There was only a couple other times I wore nylons, but that was a big shock to me. If you liked this story of want to hear about the other times, please comment. I love comments. TY for reading.

Gina and I did eventually have sex. That story is here.

Gina introduced me to her friend Paula. Paula was my first... everything!

Another Paula story. She took perverse pleasure in blowing me in her husband's chair
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Friday, December 1, 2023, 5:09:09 PM- Roommate fucks while I watch

Right out of college I had two roommates. One was a guy and the other was a good friend, Fran.

We both had huge crushes on Fran, but she was dating a guy and we were all roommates, so I needed to stop thinking about her sexually. So I just tried to think about her like a sister and it worked... mostly. When she would run from the shower to her room in a towel. Her long lanky legs, her body bouncing slightly as she'd hurry to her room.... My god.

It was hard, but I did it. I promised myself I wouldn't jerk off to her and that really help.

One weekend Fran's BF came to town, so me and my other roommate decided to be scarce. I told Fran I'd be at my GF's by the time she and Matt, her boyfriend, got home.

I had a rough work week so I put my head down on my pillow for a second-

And woke up to the door opening. Fran and Matt were coming in. It was around 7. I could hear them chatting, making a plan for dinner. I got up to say hello when I heard kissing. I stopped, genuinely to give them privacy. They hadn't seen each other in a month.

But the kissing kept going... and then I heard the "Mmmmm" that says something more than a kiss. I stayed quiet. Clearly she expected me to not be home.
I heard the thunk, thunk of Fran kicking off her boots and they passed my room to go to hers.

I felt trapped and a little embarrassed. What should I do?
A few moments later and I heard Matt "Oh yeah.... Ah god..."
I immediately felt my cock grow in my underwear and wasn't conflicted after

I lusted after Fran in college. She was empirically hot, and holding back from thinking about her sexually made me burn hotter for her in this situation. I slid slowly out my door and looked down the dark hallway to her room.

I couldn't see Matt, I couldn't see all of Fran even, But I could see her long legs folded under her sleek body, on her knees, moving back and forth, clearly giving him head.
"Mmmm god...."
My god. I quietly stroked through my underwear. I slowly moved closer. Fran stopped sucking and leaned back. I could see her looking up at him. I could see her arm moving. stroking him.
"Did you miss me?"
"I missed you so much."
"I can tell." she said with a smile. Matt chuckled and she dove back in.
"Hah god you're so fucking good... so fucking good. Uhhh."

I moved and finally saw Fran in total. Her long back, her head, her hand, moving in rhythm, giving Matt a blowjob I'd kill for. Matt was moaning and praising her "So fucking good, ah god... suck it.... uh fuck yeah... you're so good."

I was throbbing hard. Stroking slowly, trying not to make a noise.

Fran took Matt's ample cock out of her mouth and looked up at him. Her hand never stopped. Matt just moaned.
Fran stood and I had to check my strokes. Her long legs, in black thigh stockings led my eyes to her perfect little ass in tight lace undies. My cock swelled at her delicious body, her milky thighs framed between her stockings and her tight lace undies.
Her breasts were perkier then I would have dreamed.

She took off her panties, stepped to the bed and lay down. Matt got on top and without much other foreplay, he and Fran were guiding his head into her. Her tiny muff... to this day I wish he went down on her, but it had been a month, LOL.
Fran started to move her hips, he worked his cock deep.... After a couple secs Fran let out a "huhhhh yeah..." She was wet, he was hard, they started fucking and Fran let out a gutteral "Huuh fuck yeah..."

Her long legs up, flaying to Matts bumping. Fran put her hand on his chest, she looked down. "I love feeling you in me."

Matt grabbed her. legs, folded them into her and ground his cock in. They both groaned with pleasure . Fran look down, watching his cock thrust in and out of her "Huuuh god!. you feel so good."

He was over her, Fran's knees around his arms, her ass lifted off the bed slightly... My god.... seeing her sleek body, her tight little ass... I swelled in my hand. Precum dripped on the floor.

Matt could fuck. Fran was in bliss. "Fuck me, fuck me... huh god... hard hard, harder... harder..... Mmmmm mhuh!! She had a finger on her spot and she was building up. "huh khiss mmhe.." He kissed her wildly and she moaned. She move and got her legs around him. Matt ground into her. "Huu right there.. right there..."

Matt lay on her, his weight on her, grinding, she lost all control "Huhhh fugh mhe fugh mhe... Huhh... huhhh... huhh... huhhh HUHH ghhhaaa!"
Fran's legs shot straight and she ground hard up into Matt and he rode her through her orgasm. "Ho....huhhhhh!" She squirmed and rolled in pleasure.

I was thick and hard in my hand. trying not to cum b/c....

Matt hadn't cum. He rose on his hands looking at his beautiful girlfriend rolling an orgasm on his cock. When she came down to earth he stroked in her. "Hooo god... I fucking love you...." He was watching his cock disappear in her wet lips. "I love you so much."

I felt a little shitty and wanted to back away, until Matt pulled out of her and said.... "roll over."

Fran gleefully got on her hands and knees, her ass in the air, she got on her elbows. Matt got on one knee found his spot and pushed. "Ho my god- you're so fucking hard. huhh fuck! You feel so fucking big" She got on her hands to push against Matt's firm thrusts.

Her nubile body quaked as they thumped against each other. Fran rolled. her back. I imagined my cock swooping around inside her and almost moaned...

Matt could really fuck. As he rolled around in her, they slowly moved up the bed. Fran. put her hands on the wall. Now it was Matt's turn- "Ho my god, you're so fucking sexy!" Fran put hard hands high on the wall, her back arched, her ass served high for Matt's pleasure, her breasts bounced with every pump. "You're so fucking hot!"

Fran moaned with each pump. "Huhh Ghd.. fhak me huh mmm mmm mmmmm huh ghad. "

I was on the edge, dripping cum. I wanted to cum when Matt did. I wanted to savor every second.
I was anticipating cum on Fran's ass when Matt started to build. Fran pumped her sleek framed hard against him. Huh huh huh!!
I hadn't figured on cumming in the hallway, so.... I put my fist around my swelling head, waiting to see cum on her beautiful ass.

Matt was red with lust, he was panting with desire to release. He pulled out held his really thick cock "Come here..." Fran turned quickly. On her hands and knees she put his head in her mouth. "Gggaahhh! Holy fuck! holy fuck! Matt pulsed his hips, his cock pushing in and out of Fran's lips, filling her mouth with cum.

I swelled, and let a load of cum out in my hand. It was hot and filled my fist quickly as I imagined it was Fran's mouth. I tried to catch all of it. cum dripped between my fingers.

I slowly went to my room. Matt and Fran cleaned up and went out for dinner. I quickly cleaned up and dashed! She never knew I was theresmile!

I hope you liked this memory. Comment, or if you're shy, PM me. I LOVE to hear about what you think.
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Monday, November 13, 2023, 5:01:37 PM- Watching our own porn drives us both wild
Years back, when I got a new video camera my GF Diana wanted to see what it would be like to make some porn. So on vacation we tried it out. I don't need to tell NN what fun that can besmile! It was hot to be on camera sucking and fucking, but when we came home it went on a shelf and we never watched.

About a year later Diana was heading out for a girls night. She had a tiny knit dress that was skin tight and accentuated her in all the right ways. She looked hot! Diana is a tomboy, so dressing like that was a rare thing. If I didn't know that women dress up to impress each other, I would have thought something was up.

I got an eye full of her slinky dress and when she left I was super horny. I was online visiting my favorite sites when it hit me. I had porn with Diana sitting on a shelf. So I hooked the camera up to the tv and sat back.

It was strange watching our porn for the first time is strange. The idea of home porn wasn't as wide spread as it is today. But when I heard her moans her moaning, and saw her beautiful breasts bounce as she pumped up and down my cock... wow...
I was so fucking hard. I didn't know what it was called at the time, but I was edging to my own GF. Her wild spirit, her sexy mess of hair, her ample breasts, thick ass and tiny waste.

When I got to our oral video I was so engorged I needed to pace myself. Her moaning and vibrating body as she sat on my face was almost too much,
but then watching her suck me.... Wow! She watched me as I bucked and moaned. She'd take me from her mouth to see me writhe to her fingers stroking me. I had to stop my strokes as I felt the pressure build.

And then I heard Diana's key in the door. I couldn't find the remote in time so our video was playing as she walked in.
"You're awake?" She was a little tipsy.
"Good because I was going to wake you up." She kicked off her heals "I hate those shoes."
She looked at me and I could tell she was on fire.
Moans came from the TV. Diana looked to see her with my cock in her hand, teasing me.
"What you doing?" She said mischievously.
I moved my blanket off me, my cock hard and in my hand. "Jerkin' off."
She pulled up her dress and wriggled out of her leggings. "That's funny, me too, in the cab."

She came over, stepped on the couch and lowered herself on me. Her smooth shaved crotch popped out as her tight dress rolled up her hips. She sank lower. Her lips, slick, warm, wet, sent a bolt of lust through my body as they hugged my thick rod.
"Hooo my god" She pulsed her hips, her juicy lips rolled up and down my shaft.

Diana looked at the TV where she was teasing me with her hand. "You like that?"
"It's so hot, you're so fucking sexy."
She watched another second and turned to me, on complete fire! She rolled her hips. I could feel her vulva splay open and nestle around my cock.
"Ho...fuck....You really jerked off in the cab?" I held her breasts through her dress.
"Yeah. He got lost. It took forever."
"You think he maybe he was distracted by you fingering yourself?" She smiled.
"It needed to be done. Nicole and Abby were complaining that their boyfriends don't go down on them."
"I'd go down on them."
"So would I." Diana ground her wet lips along my throbbing shaft. She was so wet.
"So I told them that you do... and then I couldn't stop thinking about it.... so I told them it was good.... really good... I got a little wet in the bar....So I told them I cum on your face a lot.... I'm pretty sure they were thinking about you eating them.... so I masturbated in the cab."
"uh huh..." I was barely able to listen. Her smooth lips massaged my now swollen cock. It was so hot. to watch. She used the head of my cock as a tickler on her clit.
"Hooo my god..."
"You like that?"
"uh huh...."
We watched her lips work my cock. Then I felt her vulva catch my head. Diana let out a deep lush breath as my thick cock filled her,
"Huuu-fuck...." I grabbed her hips as she ground me in deep.
"Mmhhhh I love feeling you in me."
"Uh huh..."
She took off her dress. Her magnificent naked body on my throbbing cock, bouncing. She watched as I savored every tight stroke.

"So are you going up, or am I going down?"
"Hhmmmm" she smiled as she pushed me to lay down in the couch.
I scooted down as she grabbed the arm of the couch. I'm not sure who was more eager, but I was ravenous.
Her vulva was wet and tasted like sex. I could feel her hips wriggling over me as she worked off her tension. "Huhh... huhhh... mmm... huhhh!"
I pulled her hips lower and she nestled her smooth lips on my face. My tongue shot deep into her, tangy and sweet all at the same time. I bucked with the thought of her lips around my cock again.
"Fuck... that is hot..." Diana sat on my face. "You're fucking me..." I could hear the sound of her moaning on the video... "So fucking hot.." I slid a finger in her "Huhhh. She lifted off my face so I could get my finger deep. Then two... "Huhh mmmhhuh" My tongue tickled her clit as she hovered over me. My fingers deep in her her, my thumb pressed against her ass. "Huh! huh! huh! huh HUH HUH MMMMMMMM.....!"
I could feel her squeeze my fingers as she built to release. "HUH!!!! huuh huhuhu huu mmmmm huh!" She sat on my face as I lapped her into after shocks.

I held her beautiful breasts as she caught her breath.The view of her sitting on my face. her smooth pussy on my lips.... I was throbbing. I wanted to fuck her.

Diana slid down. She licked my cock. I pulsed against her warm tongue. She ran her mouth along my shaft. "Ho ghad... I wanna fuck you!" Diana had other ideas. She lubed me on with her wet mouth, wrapped her fingers around my cock and teased me with tiny, firm strokes just around my crown.

"Ho ghhad!" I looked down. She was smiling my cock in her hand.
Teasing me.
Watching my writhe to her touch.

She did. this thing where she'd grab my cock at my base and pull up. over and over, one hand after another "Haaa fhaque!!!
Then hand over hand down my shaft, Like I was going deep deep deep into her wet pussy.

She knew. I watched her grip my shaft and stroke tightly. She took delight in taking me to the edge and pushing me over with a firm stroke.

I swelled in her tight hand "Huuu-ghhad!" I burst.
Cum feel on my stomach, my chest, my neck. "Ha.. wow!" Diana said as she stroked.
I bucked "Ah fuck!!" Long strokes, pulling the cum from me. Now a pool of cum on my stomach, running down my shaft. I could feel her strokes thicken with my cum.

We took a shower and she was fast asleep.

I just found the video which is what spurred this post.

I hope you like the story. If you want more, or just to cotact me, plewase feel free. Comments are very welcome as are PMs
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"TY, I'mm glad you liked it. Yeah, That is one of my favorite things :)"
- Bucky66

Monday, October 16, 2023, 10:18:10 PM- One night stand and a Brooklyn street blowjob
I've been writing about Nicole's fit body and it had me think of a one night stand I had.
My friend Monica loves having parties. While at one of these get togethers this woman came up to me. She said Monica had mentioned me a few times and she wanted to say hello. I found out later that was just a line. She had seen me in Jody's photos online, liked me, and wanted to get to know me.

Jody is a nurse with Intense brown eyes. She came up to my chest and was dressed like a single mom out for the night. A little risqué, a little behind the trends, and exuding sex. Her dark skin had a silky glow in the dim light and her plunging neckline made her large breasts impossible to ignore.

We talked. Jody's intense eyes were just beginning. Every word felt important. Every gesture seemed loaded.
She was divorced with a 10 year old kid, her work was tough and she had little time to herself, so she liked to get a little wild when she had the time.

As we talked I couldn't help but be drawn in by her. Jody's energy was invigorating, her dark eyes, her lips, her tight jeans... those breasts. I tried my best not to look, but I was a little tipsy and fuck they were big. Her tiny frame made them look huge.

A drink later and we were sitting on the couch, very close. Jody's warmth engulfed me, her deep dark eyes were like a tractor beam. Her breasts would press into me as she'd lean in to whisper funny things and observations about others at the party. I was pretty sure it was no accident.

Her hand found my thigh. I looked down, I looked at her. We kissed. When I looked into her eyes, so close to me I was so taken...
"Do you have anyone waiting at home?"
"I do. A 10 year old boy and a babysitter. "
"So we Uber to your place."
"I have a car."
"Even better."

Nowhere in NYC is close, so it was almost 1/2 an hour to my place. That's a long time for a couple raging with lust.

Jody leans close. It didn't take long for her hand on my thigh to find it's way to my hard shaft. Her first couple strokes she gave a little "heh.." utter lack of surprise that I was hard. Jody squeezed my shaft from base to tip, moving her hand up inch by inch, like she was measuring me. She stroked me a few times, long - balls to stomach strokes...

I put my hand on her crotch. Warm. She opened her legs wider and scooted lower in her seat to let me get my hand in there.

"How far are we from your place?"
"Like 10 minutes." I could tell she was thinking.
A little struggle with the seat belt and my pants button.... my fly was open and Jody was stroking as we drove the streets of Brooklyn.

We got past a street light and She pull my underwear low, Her fingers wrapped around my shaft.... "hmmmm..." she said with a smile.

We slowly past by Trader Joe's Atlantic Ave traffic...... She licked her hand and stroked me.

"How far?"
"Uhhh...." I tried not to look like I was getting a handjob as people passed in the crosswalk.
Light changed and I stepped on the gas.
Jody leaned over and put me in her mouth.

The second to last thing I expected was to be taking a beautiful Eurasian woman home that night. The last thing I expected was to feel her warm lips sucking my cock on Atlantic Avenue.

I put my hand on her exposed back. my finger found her crack. I slid my hand into her pants...

"Fuck you're so good..."I ran my hand up her back and put it on her head. "Fuck you're so good." She was. her tongue plated my head like a lollipop. Her lips wrapped tightly around my shaft, like she was trying to keep cum in her mouth.

We got closer and I told her. She took me from her mouth and sat up like nothing happened. She checked her makeup.

We got to the apartment. I grabbed her and we kissed.
"Where were we?" she said
I undid my pants.

I sat on the couch, she knelt between my legs and worked my cock with her hand and mouth. Nice long strokes, followed by some fast long strokes as on her tight fist as she held my crown in her lips. Her eyes would peer at me. Her breasts swinging.

"I wanna see your body."

Jody's pants were off before she was standing straight. Silky dark skin surrounding a dark trimmed pussy.... My mouth watered. My hand instinctively stroked my cock. "Mmmmmm" A pleased hum that I was stroking to her. Her top came off, magnificent breasts fell from her bra. Fully naked, mom on a night out, she was sexy AF. "You're so fucking hot."

She got a condom from her bag, rolled it on my cock and she climbed on me.
She was tight. She worked her hips to get my head in. Then she slid an inch in at a time.
A little deeper.... back off
A little deeper.... back off
Mmmuhuh....mmmmhuh.... mmuhuh.....
Her pussy landed on my base.... "Huhh.. fuck!"
She looked at me with those percing eyes. Her tongue tasted like cum. She rocked her hips, My cock finding spots she needed itched. "Uhhhaaaahh!" She wiggled and her breasts danced. I grabbed them and buried my face in her splendor.
She took tiny strokes on my cock as I lick between her breasts. My god.... she was so tight.

I grabbed her tiny hips and started to push and pull.
Push her up my shaft until I saw most of my shaft,
Pull her firmly onto my cock until I heard her thighs slap against mine.
As her lips got wet I grabbed a firm hold and fucked her.
Her tits bounced as her body quaked with each slap of my cock deep in her. She held my chest as I thrusted her tight pussy on my cock.
"Huh- huh- fuck me- fuck me- fuck huhh huhuh!" I kissed her because my neighbors and she was very load and pretty clear I was fucking her. She hummed ecstasy into my mouth.
But I wanted to see her tits and could't give a fuck if my neighbors knew. I leaned back and watched her tiny body, with it's full curves as I pumped her, thrust after thrust.

Her legs stiffened, I could feel her pussy squeeze me. "Huhhh!" She held me deep in her. I push ger hips around so my cock hit her walls deep inside... "Huuhhh!" her legs shook, she tits rippled.

She lay flat on me as she rode out her fist orgasm. I grabbed her head and kissed her.
"Fuck, I wanna fuck you all night."
"We only have to one AM."

I took her ti the bedroom....
There is something so hot about a small woman who like it when you move her into the position you want. I could hear her lustful little laugh when I turned her over to fuck her doggystyle. Or when I rolled her on to me and pushed her onto my face.
Watching those huge breast quiver as she rode my face to another orgasm is still one of my favorite sex moments of all time. So unconditionally raw hotness.

I wanted to watch her as I came so I put her on her back spread her legs and sank deep. I Lifted her legs, she held them against her breasts and I sank deep in her, pressing as deep as I could go.
"Huhhh god!"
I got on my hands, like I was planking, and thrusted.
"Huhh fuck! fuck me..."
I leaned in and kissed her. She breathlessly kissed me as I did what she wanted.
Her body rippled with each thrust. Her eyes locked on me, or my throbbing cock as her her very wet pussy took every inch.
I'd grind into her back wall now and then, but watching her body ripple.... fuck.

Her hand went to the wall to stop us from hitting it. I pulled out lifted her put her down the bed folded her legs over and....
Huuuh ghad! fuck me fucj me... yeah.. fuck mme.... huh huh... fuck me hard harder harder... fuck mme.... huh huh! harder!"
She was so intense! Her tits move like waves.
I remember I wanted to suck her nipples when I noticed her foot quivering and she was just moaning deep groans of lust. I pounded and pressed deep into her
and shook my hips. She shot her eyes open, stared at me with those I'm gonna cum on your cock" eyes as she ramped up... "Ahhhhhh.... Ehhhhhaaa!"

I was throbbing, I pushed a little cum out got over her and thrusted. She kissed me as I wound up to an orgasm. She watched me as I engorged and shot my load in her.

It was just a little past 1 AM when I dropped her at her apt. We never did it again. I wanted to because, fuck who wouldn't.Next time I heard from her we talked. She said it was a lot of fun but "That's not really me." If that's true, I'mm very happy I met that version of her.
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Sunday, October 15, 2023, 12:21:30 AM- Nicole's "fuck me" pumps

I have a quick story about Nicole that didn't make it in the main thread.

Nicole and I dated in college. Years later when she got divorced she contacted me so we could pick up where we left off. We had a few months of carnal bliss.

One day she came to my apt, ran in, barely kissed me and said she needed the bathroom. She was in there a long time. I hung out, put some music on.

I was in the kitchen when I heard her shoes walking back. This was odd because I don't wear shoes in the house.

She stopped in the kitchen doorway, She had high heels on, thigh high leggings and a tight teeshirt. Her nipples hard and visible through the thin material. Nicole put lipstick on using her compact. When she finished she pursed her lips in her mirror, She glanced at me as walked to the table and slowly bent over it.

Nicole has a tight runners body. Firm with smooth curves, She's smaller than me, and whenever we fuck standing up she'd get on her toes, and I'd bend a little. We joked that if she wore heals we wouldn't have that problem.

There she was bent over my table. Her tight ass sitting high on her strong legs, long and sleek in fuck-me-pumps.
She rolled her hips slowly with the music. Her ass swayed, her trim strawberry patch gliding between her thighs.... my cock stiffen in my pants.

I walked over, I put my hand on her back, ran it down her ass and between her legs. She was warm and moist like we'd been fooling around already. My finger slipped in easily. She took a tickled breath. Her hips swayed, mesmerizing me.

On my knees I put a couple fingers in her and sunk them deep in her. Her pussy was amazing and I was teasing myself as much as her. Her leggings framed her trimmed bush so well. I put my tongue deep in her. She tried not to moan. deep breaths as she held the table.

Standing behind her, I ran the head of my cock along her wet lips. She stood tall with her perky ass so high on her. sexy legs. I slapped her ass as I savored her wet lips rubbing along my shaft.

Then like butter, I slipped my head in.
I put a hand on her should, one on her ass and firmly sank into her.
"Huuhh fhaqahhhh". Her ass felt good pressed into me. I put both hands on her shoulders and rode her. She let out a little high pitch fuck-me moan as her ass slapped into me. "Mmmhh mmhh mmhh hhuh hummm mmm mmhuh... huhhhhh! She got up on her hands and started thrusting onto me.

I loved fucking Nicole. She Loved sex all sorts of ways, but when push came to shove She wanted it hard. She wanted it fast. She wanted to feel like a woman being fucked by a guy.
I grabbed her by her shoulders and thrusted. I tried to make that tihgjt ass quake with each thump. Her groans of lust made it clear she loved every thrust.
Nicole lowered her head, back arched, ass in the sky. her cheek on the table. She grabbed the window sill and used it to push against me. My god she could fuck.

She reached for something, I couldn't tell what she was doing until she opened her compact. our eyes met. fuck....

All I could see where her eyes and she looked like.... that look... you know it.... Holy fuck... I swelled in her... I pulled out so I could feel the joy of her lips sliding off and on my throbbing cock.

I sunk to the hilt into her. Her eyes on me. Her breath deep and lustful.

I wiggled my hips, my shaft rolling around inside her. She squinted out a row of humming pleas and then looked in the compact and said it out loud.... "fuck me."

I grabbed her hips-thrusted long and hard. Stroke after stroke she started to lose control a little and I knew she was close. She tried to watch me in the mirror, but she kept rolling her eyes and putting it down. I'd push hard into her and roll my hips and she'd "ah fuck!!" and look at me. fuck her bright blues eyes, her red pussy, her firm body pounding against me....
I looked up at the compact. She was squinting her "I'm squeezing out my orgasm face" She opened her eyes saw me watching her and said "cum inside me?"

"Huh! Fuck!" I pounded. Nicole held on as I thrusted into her tiny body. "fhaq mmhh... chumm... chummm.... immmm mmmmm chumimmeee..."

I throbbed. I felt my cock swell. Her ass stood firm against my pounding. Handfuls of her ass I pull her pussy wide, sank deep, ground my cock into her and-
"Geehhhaaaahhh!!!" I shot a load deep in her. I stroked rope after rope of cum. Her tight pussy no longer wet, but silky with my cum as her lips rode out her orgasm on my still hard rod.

If you like, please comment. PMs are welcome as well, I love to know you like what I wrote.

If you want to read the other parts of my Nicole story....

This is us in college:

This is our first time after college:

The last section is below on the blog. I haven't posted it yet to the forum.

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Thursday, September 28, 2023, 3:29:06 PM- Blowjob for heaven

I remember the first time I felt the swirl.
Silvia was raised on a California farm by hippie. parents. She was very into exploring and having fun with hair as curly and wild as her spirit. Constantly active, she was fit, with ample curves for her tight little frame. She was the quintessential lets-fuck-like-bunnies college girl friend.

One day we got back to the apartment. Her tiny outfit had me horny all day. Tight hot pants and a tee....
We were barely in the door when I grabbed her. She turned in excitement.
I unbuttoned her shorts as we. kissed. her hand ran the length of my rod through my shorts.
My finger slipped between her moist lips and her engine revved.
We stripped. Her breast were so big for her tiny frame. Ski slopes of beauty leading to her slim waste and womanly hips.
"Lay down" she said as we got to the bedroom.
I got on the bed. she flopped between my legs, aimed my cock straight up and her lips ran down...
"Huhhh that's so good." I watched her curly mane bob up and down, her hand stroking my thick shaft, meeting her lips.
She took me out of her mouth, and did nice long hard strokes. I laid back.... Holy fuck that's good".
"I bet I can get you to cum in under a minute."
"Uh huh..." her strokes were heavenly.
and then she did the swirll a couple times
"Holy fuck!" I looked down, SIlvia looked at me with a pleased smile. "You liked that?" she said facetiously.
"What did you do?"
She put both hands around my stone hard cock and rotated them in different directions as she stroked... "Hoh fuck!" It was like she was super charging my lust for her.
She lowered her head and as my crown popped out on the down stroke her lips rolled over it.
"Huhh.. huhh...huhh" I could feel the cum building, but the desire to be in her was excruciating.

I lifted her kissed her cummy lips and threw her on the bed. She looked at me, but also looked like a woman who knew she was going to get a good deep fucking.
I sank into her and her tiny frame quivered with joy. "Hooo yeah...."
I don't think I had been with her like that until that day. I pounded into her. The bed moved as our bodies thumped together. I folded her legs up and held them to get deep in her. I did long hard strokes.
Huhh.. huoo god.. fuck mmehuh... fuck mehh... yeah..."

Her breasts moved in waves. Her finger in her clit she looked at me. She was surprised but also so turned on by the strength of the pounding... Silvia was an elusive girl and that was one of the few times she looked at me like I owned her pussy completely.
Her orgasm came quickly and she squirmed it out. Her hands back against the wall, stretched out wildly.
Her undulating breasts.
her quaking legs in my hands....
Her deep satisfied moans of delight
I pulled out and pumped load after load up her sleek body.

The next day I was like "do that again."
She knelt between my legs. At first she gave me a good proper blow job. She was so sexy, so good, I just leaned back and enjoyed.

Then she did it.
Huoo ghad!" I got on my elbows. Silvia had that smile... She looked over at something then looked me in the eyes and did it again. "Huh..."
and again "huhhh- Ho fuck! suck me!"
She smiled and did a couple more swirls. She leaned over and licked my length, then eagerly took me in her mouth. She sucked wet and wildly. Spit drooling down my shaft. Then she put both hands around my glistening shaft and swirled.

"Ho fuck... fuck... fuck me, you're so fucking good, so fucking good"....
Her mouth catching my head as it peeked out of her hands.
She paused now and then.
She's let go and sink my cock deep in her mouth now and then.
She would do long deep strokes with one hand.
Always long enough to make me forget her secret weapon.
Then her fingers would wrap around my engorged cock and she'd swirl.

As I got closer Silvia looked right at me. She watched me taking her in.
Her breasts wiggle as she stroked me.
Her hands wind around my throbbing meat.

She looked me dead in the eyes and tightened her grip and. "Huuggguuhh!" I took in all her sexiness Those tits, Her blonde muff peaking out between her legs.
Huhhh.. Ho ghod... Fuck! I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum." She looked me dead in the eyes as if saying "You own my pussy, but I own this cock"
A rope of cum flew between us. It fell all over me.
She caught most of the second rope in her mouth. Part dribbled down her chin.
She let go of my throbbing cock. I watched it pules as I pushed the rest of my load into her mouth....
With my cum coating her mouth and lips, she lifted her head and looked over again. She timed it!

"huh.... 6 minutes... I need to practice."
"If you did that swirly thing the whole time, I wouldn't last."

If you like please feel free to comm,ent, or PM me.
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