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This guy was enjoying my blowjob so much that he started lovingly stroking my face as my soft, moist lips were stroking his hard cock. Would you be this loving if I sucked you off?
Category: BJs  ID: 16517773
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Date Posted: 20-Nov-20
Subject gender: Female
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Some Guy’s House
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24-Nov-20  (2 days ago)
Do you suck black cock like that?
23-Nov-20  (4 days ago)
Sure would
22-Nov-20  (5 days ago)
You can suck me off anytime
22-Nov-20  (5 days ago)
I would imagine so!!!
22-Nov-20  (5 days ago)
Ohh yeah
22-Nov-20  (5 days ago)
You are very beautiful
21-Nov-20  (5 days ago)
Right up until I grabbed a handful of hair and started fucking your face, telling you how your other holes were soon to follow.
21-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
Lucky guy. I hope you suck out every drop of his cum.
21-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
of course
21-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
Who would not ??
21-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
You look amazing with a Fat Cock in you Mouth!!
21-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
I sure would!
21-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
I would touch you gently and softly
21-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
Most definitely.... who wouldn't?.....
21-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
Hell yes
21-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
Oh you better believe it He is one lucky guy isn't he
20-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
Yes I would be soft touch with you
20-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
Absolutely, tenderly stroke your cheek as I filled your mouth with my hot spunk
20-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
Shoot my load down your throat
20-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
After i pushed you all the way down my cock and ishh
20-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
Of course I would sweetheart
20-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
I would so much enjoy your blowjob, especially if we take our time to raise the pleasure !
20-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
So sexy.
20-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
Nope i would grab your hair & try to choke you with my dick lol
20-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
Dirty old man up for almost anything. I am a 72 year old man who's sexual horizons have greatly broadened with age. I am not gay but would delight in helping a lady suck a man off. The thought of threesomes and more some's really exciting. plain5bill at hot mail.
20-Nov-20  (6 days ago)
Gawd yes... very sexy pic..
20-Nov-20  (7 days ago)
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm hope you came down her throat
20-Nov-20  (7 days ago)
yes!!! u want to try it?
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