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I have a deep longing to feel YOUR lips .. touching mine..
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Date Posted: 9-Oct-19
Subject gender: Female
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8-Jan-20  (149 days ago)
Some people have all the fun
25-Dec-19  (163 days ago)
absolutely delightful
23-Dec-19  (165 days ago)
Mmm, now this makes me a bit hungry
22-Dec-19  (166 days ago)
You can have both my lips and my tongue sucking your lips ?
16-Dec-19  (172 days ago)
Obviously a pussy man. ❤️
15-Dec-19  (173 days ago)
Nice hot, pink cunt !
13-Dec-19  (175 days ago)
So nice and tight...
13-Dec-19  (175 days ago)
Sweet and pink as cotton candy.
12-Dec-19  (176 days ago)
What a sexy pink as fuck pussy!! I'd lick it until your legs shake and your cum flows.
3-Dec-19  (184 days ago)
69 u feel good
2-Dec-19  (185 days ago)
Now I feel like I’m going to explode ;-)

30-Nov-19  (188 days ago)
what a nice start to a fucking hot fantasy... mmm... love kissing, licking, sucking pussy...
29-Nov-19  (189 days ago)
both sets.
27-Nov-19  (191 days ago)
I do love lips touching lips ... and mine were made for yours ... I love oral with a nicely shaved pussy xx
24-Nov-19  (194 days ago)
Love to eat some cotton candy
22-Nov-19  (196 days ago)
dinner is served!
17-Nov-19  (201 days ago)
4-Nov-19  (214 days ago)
so sexy....xoxoxox
2-Nov-19  (216 days ago)
i would mount you like a bull
1-Nov-19  (217 days ago)
i love your pussy......
30-Oct-19  (219 days ago)
Gorgeous pussy! I can only imagine how good you taste!
28-Oct-19  (220 days ago)
Phenomenal. My lips feel the same and my mouth is watering
28-Oct-19  (221 days ago)
20-Oct-19  (229 days ago)
17-Oct-19  (232 days ago)
hot and sexy more please
15-Oct-19  (233 days ago)
beautiful flower!!
13-Oct-19  (236 days ago)
Seems like it's been forever since I tasted you - wait, it HAS been forever! :-(
13-Oct-19  (236 days ago)
your lips and fingers are just gorgeous
13-Oct-19  (236 days ago)
Beautiful pussy! I can only imagine what it would feel like parting those lips with the tip of my tongue
13-Oct-19  (236 days ago)
Oh, my.....so delicious......
12-Oct-19  (236 days ago)
Very lovely...pretty hands too.
12-Oct-19  (237 days ago)
Looking delicious xxx
12-Oct-19  (237 days ago)
I want to taste you
12-Oct-19  (237 days ago)
Ur inner lips are beutifull !
11-Oct-19  (238 days ago)
11-Oct-19  (238 days ago)
Dam that's such a coincidence !!! So do I x :):)
11-Oct-19  (238 days ago)
love to have a go
11-Oct-19  (238 days ago)
Love to French kiss your lips
11-Oct-19  (238 days ago)
MMMMMMMMMM,,,,, You KNOW the next time I get my tongue inside your sweet lil pussy I'm going to keep licking till you fucking scream to God! ! !
11-Oct-19  (238 days ago)
Lovely baby
10-Oct-19  (238 days ago)
Such a grand fantasy, and for both, as it were!
10-Oct-19  (238 days ago)
10-Oct-19  (239 days ago)
Perfect pic for tribute
10-Oct-19  (239 days ago)
I’d gladly kiss those sweet lips!
10-Oct-19  (239 days ago)
Would love to have my lips touch yours......Oh the fun we could have!
10-Oct-19  (239 days ago)
I also have a deep longing to place my lips and tongue humming Dixie as they touch!!
10-Oct-19  (239 days ago)
My lips would love to meet those lips!
9-Oct-19  (239 days ago)
Looking tastier and sweeter than cotton candy, CC!
9-Oct-19  (239 days ago)
9-Oct-19  (239 days ago)
Simply amazing love that beautiful pussy. Wish I could pleasure you for hours baby
9-Oct-19  (239 days ago)
@CottonCandy87 Hello beautiful. I’m a photoshop wizard. I can take your photos and mine and put us together in very realistic, incredibly erotic images. The sky is the limit. I don't post them in public unless you want me to. Here are some examples: [link removed] And here is my hard, ready manhood: [link removed]
9-Oct-19  (239 days ago)
My ears are cold. Could you warm them with your thighs?
9-Oct-19  (239 days ago)
Me too and wishing i were there making it happen right now
9-Oct-19  (239 days ago)
my lips and tongue are aching to pleasure you goddess xx
9-Oct-19  (239 days ago)
Looking tasty.
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
I would love to eat some CottonCandy today!
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
OMFG look at that pink pussu fuck i wid love to suck n lick it mmm xx
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
Perfect lips
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
I have a longing to go deep into your lips...my lips touching yours and my tongue providing the pleasure!
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
Oh hhhh my look at that sweet peach. I long to taste it and please it
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
My mouths watering just from the thought of it
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
I dream of our lips meeting....
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
I bet you taste delicious.
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
I have a longing to stick my tongue deep inside!
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
Stunning pic x
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
Think my lips may linger there for some time Cotton x
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
Would love to have your lips on mine as well.
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
I'd love to lick and suck you for as long as you'd let me before sliding my cock inside to enjoy your tight hot pussy
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
I have this dream every morning...I would love to start every new day this way
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
I want to eat you till you scream!!!
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
Love to kiss and lick that amazing pussy
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
It's amazing how many billions are spent on deep space exploration, trying to find the centre of the universe..when all along, it's right there in front of our nose... right where those fingers are pointing... Now, back to reality..;-) I would love to feel those lips on me Candygirl, spread open on my pubic bone while you're on your haunches above me, pounding yourself to ecstacy on my rigid cock while I look into your eyes and watch you cum... (OK, I lied, I'll more likely be watching those hot pert tits bouncing up and down in time with your hips...;-)..
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
Would lick you long and slow till your sweet pussy came on my tongue
9-Oct-19  (240 days ago)
I long to spread those lips with my tongue!!!!
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